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Rapper King Kaka Apparently Campaigned For UhuRuto


Just a few hours after causing ripples on Social Media following the release of his controversial song Wajinga Nyinyi, rapper King Kaka’s past activities have come back to haunt him.

It has apparently emerged that the wordsmith supported and endorsed the Jubilee government in 2016 just a few months to the General Elections.

Hawk eyed Kenyans have pulled out a tweet that King Kaka shared in August 26th 2016 stating “Uhuru Kenyatta is #Mr254… Today is the Day.”

The tweet is accompanied by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign poster engraved with the words UHURU KENYATTA IS MR. 254 in red colour which is the theme colour for Jubilee Party.

The tweet has seen Kenyans turn the tables on King Kaka calling him a hypocrite.

The rapper has however denied the claims stating that the Mr 254 was a campaign he was running to celebrate Kenya.

“This was the Promo I was running in 2006 celebrating Kenya , so @ItsMutai and others Wacheni siasa Ama we wait pia David Rudisha akose tuseme I@supported him . #WajingaNyinyi” he tweeted with a photo of Rudisha.

Apparently King Kaka is not the only Kenyan who has suffered the wrath of Kenyans On Twitter. Gospel singer Bahati also got criticised for endorsing the song while he openly campaigned for UhuRuto in 2017.

“I guess Rabbit #KingKaka is telling us he also made a mistake, he is as mjinga as you who voted for UHURUTO presidency twice. #RevolutionNow Ruto #WanjingaNyinyi Miguna Miguna Waiguru Kenyatta Raila,” tweeted Son Of Kisumu.