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Rapper Prezzo responds to Jaguar’s 24 hour deportation ultimatum

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Rapper CMB Prezzo is not a happy man regarding singer and Starehe MP Jaguar’s 24 hour ultimatum to deport foreigners.

The rapper took to social media to narrate how displeased he was at the remarks that left Kenyans and Tanzanians in an online exchange.

“My brother @jaguarkenya i do not know where to start but your talk was not pleasing at all. A leader is supposed to lead people in a good way and not by inciting war especially to our neighbors Tanzania and Uganda” he said

The rapper added that Jaguar’s sentiments were uncalled for considering everyone is trying to make ends meet.

“All of us are trying to make ends meet in other countries apart from kenya so your decision of giving the government 24 hours to remove all foreign employees was uncalled for. I pray that god gives you strength so that you can be a leader of prosperity. #Rapcellency” he added

His remarks come hours after Kenyans and Tanzanians were embroiled in an online verbal exchange following Jaguar’s call to evict foreigners.

“If you assess our markets, Ugandans and Tanzanians have taken over our businesses… now we are saying enough is enough. If a 24-hour ultimatum is not enough for them to be deported, we will remove them and we’ll beat them up and we will not fear anyone,” he was filmed saying.” he said

Jaguar however issued an apology  saying his sentiments were greatly misinterpreted.

“My recent sentiments over the invading of our market by foreigners have been greatly misinterpreted. I mean peace for the country and businesses should go on uninterrupted and all foreigners are welcome to our country.” He said


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