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Rapper speaks out after he was arrested for defaming Governor


Kenyan rapper Nyamwaka Nyakundi popularly known as Smallz Lethal spent Monday night in police custody after the release of his song ‘I’m Offended’

In the song, he calls out Kisii governor James Ongwae for alleged corruption and lack of proper leadership.

“Ongwae pia we umetuangushanga. Tusianzie mbali. Cheki barabara, aibu kubwa kwa watu wetu wa hapa. Na ile soko umekula mpaka mikeka. Yani wewe tu kuwa governor ni kua tu kejeli. (Ongwae, you have always let us down. Look at the poor state of our roads. This is a total shame to Kisii residents. You being a governor is a big joke),” he sings in the song

The news of his arrest made headlines across social media platforms with many of his fans calling for his release.

He was released on Tuesday and has come out to confirm that he was indeed being held on charges of defamation of character.

In a statement put up on his pages, the singer alleged that he was interrogated for hours over defamatory claims and ordered to pull down the song in question from YouTube.

“I am well fam. Got arrested & released after hours of interrogation on “Defamation of Character” claims against “I don’t know who” ..I was told “mkubwa amekasirika” In short, they want the video deleted from YouTube & as they say,they will reimburse the amount used for the project. Thanks to Lawyer Sylvanus Osoro, we were able to pin them to a “no criminal element” case, thus we will not be intimidated to bring the video down. Thanks for all your prayers fam.. This is just the beginning of this course. Tuimalize pamoja. #YouthForYouth #ImOffended #BosongoCartel” shared Smallz Lethal.

Now Smallz is not a new name in the industry, in fact, controversy is not new to him, he once had beef with rappers King Kaka and Khaligraph.

In 2015, he was accused by the organizers of Art n’ Beer Fest of having stolen microphones. He was a hunted man and police from Karen Police Station were said to be looking for him. He denied the allegations, saying he was being accused to diffuse claims that artistes had not been paid after performing at the gig.