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Rapper Trio Mio Faces Backlash After Rallying Kenyans To Attend Raila’s Event

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Teen rapper Trio Mio has faced a backlash from a section of netizens after asking Kenyans to attend ODM Leader Raila Odinga’s event in Kasarani on Friday.

Trio Mio in a video shared by Raila on his Twitter Page had told Kenyans that he will also be in Kasarani to listen to Raila’s big announcement.

“Watagwan Kenya, this is your boy Trio Mio… So this week on Friday, nitakuwa pale Kasarani kwa function ya none other than Baba mheshimiwa, so kujeni tuskie the big announcement that he is going to reveal that special day. Na kama kawa ye hapangwingwi, yeye hupangana so muokalise,” he said.

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Trio Mio’s message however did not sit well with some Kenyans with many mocking his announcement since he does not even have an ID hence cannot vote.

“Tweeps: How can a 16 year old without voter’s card perform in a political event?” posed @MutuaKiilu.

“16-year-old rapper Trio Mio inviting Kenyans to ODM leader Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja convention in Kasarani this Friday. Shouldn’t this youngman who is even not going to vote be in school?” @OsoroJr_ tweeted.

Some however defended him saying that he was just doing his job as an artist.