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Rapper Trio Mio Releases A Banger On Mid-Term Break


Rapper Trio Mio is once again trending on Twitter after releasing a new club banger ‘UleMsee’ while on his mid-term break.

The young rapper released the freestyle today, and as always his lyrics were flowing and people could not keep away from commenting on how good it was.

Netizens tweeted the young rapper’s talent and said that he was better than other rappers who are older than him.

“Lakini hata kama E-sir anashinda Trio Mio, at least the teen can be proud of being better than Octopizzo,” commented @FellMentKE

“Papa Jones sahii in the studio trying to match what trio mio just released,” commented @5_peopl_e

Some netizens thought that people should stop comparing the young rapper to the legendary artist E-Sir.

“Every time Trio Mio releases a song or rap, comparisons to Esir pop up. Some get angry that a legend is being compared to a new kid on the block, some see him as th best reflection of the best we ever had. Whichever way you see it let’s embrace his stardom,” commented @Kimanzi_

Its not the first time the rapper is trending, before schools opened, the young boy was trending after being compared to the late legendary rapper E-sir.