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Rapper Wangechi finally opens up about her struggles

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Four years after escaping death narrowly rapper Wangechi is back to the music scene.

The lass made the announcement when she released her latest jam ‘used to it’.

Wangechi has tried for some time to make a comeback but her recovery processes has been one lengthy one.

‘’It’s been a year since I dropped something but I got y’all covered for the whole year. Back to that rap thing!!!!!’’ She posted in response to her temporary music hiatus.

She also shared her struggle with the scars she got from the accident that claimed the life of one of her friends.

‘’Scars are easier to talk about than they are to show, with all the remembered feelings laid bare. Rarely do we see wounds that are in the process of healing. I’m not sure if it’s because I felt too much shame to let anyone see a process as intimate as overcoming hurt. Or if it’s because even when we master the courage to share our still incomplete healing, people reflexively look away. Don’t be afraid to share your story it’s a part of who you are today.On a lighter note: Bikinis give me mad anxiety.’’ she posted

The rapper was involved in a fatal accident in 2014 at the St Austins roundabout along James Gichuru road. The 3 am accident claimed the life of her best friend Tionna while she and another friend, Tewa were hospitalized for weeks as they fought for their lives.

Wangechi was admitted in ICU with serious injuries with her left side suffering from temporary paralysis for a couple of months.

After being discharged she underwent a long physical and emotional therapy.

The rapper went on to reveal how the accident left her with a lifetime disability on one side

The accident drastically affected my music career in various ways. I have never told this to anyone before but it can amuse you if I told you that I can’t play any music instrument.” She told a local daily.

“My left side, from the brain all the way to my feet was badly affected. For example, I can’t synchronize movements from my left hand with my right. My right side is too fast in doing things. I can’t even play the guitar or even dance in a synchronized manner.’’ She added

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