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Rastafarians want court to allow them smoke marijuana in public – VIDEO


The Rastafarian community has filed a petition at the Milimani La Courts seeking to have marijuana legalized.

The community under the Rastafarian Society of Kenya says that they use marijuana for spiritual, medical, culinary and ceremonial purposes as a way of connecting to their ‘god’.

They also say that the work of the Rastafarian community is to achieve the vision of the society where its followers enjoy equal rights and freedoms like other religions.

In a court document filed by their lawyer Shadrack Wambui, the group states that they are forced to hide their true identity and also use bought marijuana from other countries since they cannot grow theirs.

“The Petitioners avow that being a marginalized religion they are subject to overt societal stigma, suspicion and this forces Rastas to live in fear and in hiding for if they live publicly, they become easy targets of constant police harassment through unwarranted searches, arbitrary arrests, prosecution, convictions and persecution,” read the document.

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“I am aware that the people of Rastafari faith have lived under the oppression of colonial laws that continue to suffocate Rastafari liberation as they cannot peacefully grow and use cannabis for worship or connection with “the Almighty creator,” read the statement.

Wambui says they want the government to review the Section 3 (1), (2), (a) and (3) (a-d) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Act No. 4 Of 1994 of the constitution in order to give them an equal right to other religions.

The community also wants the government to stop arresting them and allow them practice their faith and grow their own Majiruana.

They also demanded to be allowed to consume marijuana freely without all the limitation to allow them to manifest their religion.