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Raw Evidence That Mike Sonko Has Two Wives. (Pics)


mpango2Polygamy in Kenya is no longer something to bury beneath the blankets but seemingly something to flaunt for since President Uhuru Kenyatta passed it.

However, having “Mpango wa Kando’s” ain’t such a bad idea as a recent video posted by Nairobi’s Senator Mike Sonko suggests.

The video bears a Nairobi man who was caught pants down with another man’s wife begging forgiveness from the woman’s husband, caused a frenzy on his Facebook page after he posed a question and some of his followers misquoted the word ‘our’ in “Do you think we should take our mpango wa kando to our matrimonial homes?”

The flashy but humble Senator was caught in a tricky situation when a fan by the name Victor asked him where he takes his “Mpango Wa Kandos” if not his matrimonial bed.

It is at this point Sonko was pushed to admit having two wives!!!!!

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Sonko responded by pointing out that he doesn’t entertain Mpango Wa Kandos but loves and respects his two wives (Especially Mama Watoto) and that both of them have their own separate homes.

His honesty garnered him lots of respect as Victor admitted later.

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