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Veteran Tanzanian singer Rehema Chalamila popularly known as Ray C is expecting her first child with her white partner.

Taking to her Instagram Ray C shared a video dressed in a red dress layered with a brown trench coat revealing her baby bump while jamming to a gospel song ‘Sayuni ‘ by Barnaba and Joel Lwaga.

“Wakati wa Mungu ni wakati sahihi 🙏🙏❤️” wrote Ray C

Following the news, fellow artist’s and fans alike poured congratulatory messages through the commentary section.

“Jamani hongera sana baby ❤️❤️❤️” wrote Frida Kajala

“Alilililililiiiiii🎉 congrats my loveeee😃so excited for you! Mungu akutangulie ❤️” fired Rosa Ree

“Congratulations love ❤️” shot Talia Oyando

God’s Time

Indeed God’s time is the best timing, just like in the song Sayuni that she was jamming to, a message of hope is carried to all the soul’s who’ve been through hell, the ones that people once wrote off just like Ray C who’s life went south after being deeply immersed in drugs.

“Walitabiri mwisho ukatangaza mwanzo walipopanga kifo nikavuma zaidi ya upepo wanauliza siri ni nini wanauliza nguvu ni nini,nguvu zangu ni wewe na siri yangu ni wewe,na kwenye safina yako nitakata siti ya mbele sababu mimi ni V.I.P Baba maana nimekutii Baba,” Joel sings partly

Rehabilitation Stint.

Before getting off the musical radar,Ray C was once the hearthrob of many thanks to her stunning beauty and golden voice.

There are reports that her former boyfriend and rapper,Lord Eyes introduced her to drugs but the latter refuted the claims maintaining that he knew Ray C while at them already


“Sijawahi kumfunza mtu yeyote kutumia madawa.Nimemkuta ‘Ray C’ ameshawahi kutumia” stated Lord Eyes then.

Ray C’s sorry state captured the attention of many a few years ago while in Kenya,She was thin and pale.It took the intervention of former Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete who enrolled her in a rehabilitation center,Life and Hope Rehabilitation Center commonly known as ‘Sober House’ in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

The forty year old then relocated to France where she lives with her partner.

Some of her songs include Sogea ,Motomoto,Wanifuatia nini and Mama ntilie just to mention but a few.

We wish her well in her journey to motherhood.

By Steve Osaka


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