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  • Rayvanny visited Harmonize stronghold Konde Gang headquarters for the first time to pick his award.
  • They’ve hinted on a possible collabo.
  • Rayvanny further announced a surprise change of date for his new project leaving Harmonize to shine as he’s also set the same date for the release of his newest pieces.

Bongo sensation Rayvanny created a spectacle at Harmonize’s stronghold Konde Gang headquarters in the company of bouncers.

The Next Level president was making his first ever visit at the Harmonize led stable to pick up his award.

Harmonize had picked the award on behalf of Rayvanny who had missed the award ceremony in the US.

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No Bad Blood

Rayvanny affirmed that there’s no bad blood between him and Harmonize.

The I Love You singer further maintained that the awards had great significance as far as music is concerned.

This was seen as a direct reply to some critics like Wasafi presenter, who had taunted Harmonize that the awards were worthless.

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Though he did not mention his name, it was no secret that he was replying his sentiments.

“Hakunaga tuzo ndogo duniani, hakunaga tuzo ndogo ntakupa fact kila tuzo inaandaliwa na cabinet yoyote ata Grammy inaandaliwa na watu lakini sasa wanampa nani na nani…kwa hiyo ukipewa umeheshimika” he stated partly.

Rayvanny also poured immense praise on local awards for promoting the industry.

He made it clear that he would come for his award when the dust had settled on Harmonize arrival.

However, he chose to show up when everybody was watching to show that he holds nothing against his former stable mate.

Rayvanny noted that their biggest challenger was ‘The World’ and not fighting among themselves.

Both Harmonize and Rayvanny did not also shy away from revealing their impending collaboration.

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And in a surprise turn of events, Rayvanny announced that he had a change of date for the release of his 5 song’s.

This was to allow Harmonize to shine on that day with Rayvanny’s release date pushed to a later date.

Previously, Rayvanny had attracted condemnation for announcing the same date as Harmonize for the release of his project.

November 21, 2023

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