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In Summary

  • The main reason for having white hair is as a result of genetics.
  • Having white hair doesn’t mean you will be rich in future.

When it comes to hair color most people usually love their hair to be black.

Grey or white hair  varies at the age of  20 to 30 years.

Having white or gray hair is as a result of genetics at this age but some have this type of hair due to chemicals they use especially to ladies.

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Talking to Ghetto Radio News Team with white hair here  are answers why they have white hair;

”I started having white hair at 30 years and have never felt so bad about it .To me its normal,ni the same to venye mtu anaweza kuwa na nywele ya black but i know its genetically  because i haven’t reach my 50s.” Chege said.

”Nilianza kukuwa na nywele ya white nikiwa high school .I have never been bothered because i have seen my parents having the same color of hair as mine, i love it.”Wangeci said.

”Hata mimi niko nayo kwa ndevu na kwa kichwa na huwa zinanibamba,i like them.I have never felt so bad for having white or rather mixture because their are people with almost white hair without black and they are not old.”King Kafu said.

With all these answers its clear that having white hair is based on genetics from great grand father or mother to the younger generations.

Other Reasons for having white hair

Autoimmune illnesses

Some genetic conditions may be associated with premature graying.

Those with thyroid disease have lower levels of triiodothyronine and thyroxine which increase melanin production and the growth phase of the hair that disrupt melanin production and causing the skin and hair to lose pigment.

White Hair due to low melanin production.

Certain drugs

Using antimalarial drugs like chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine alters hair color by inhibiting a key enzyme responsible for pheomelanin production.

After three to four months of use, blonde or red hair can become increasingly silvery.


Smoking cigarettes can impact your hair follicles dramatically

Smoking is known to cause oxidative stress in the lungs, skin, hair, and even nails by creating a surge of free radicals.

When these accumulate in the hair they target the pigment-producing cells and destroy hair color.

Some people believe that if you have white you will be rich in future which is a myth.



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