• Number of Kenyan students seeking to study abroad on the rise
  • Scholarship scammers taking advantage of students

Tik tok has become very popular with videos from Kenyans abroad shedding more light on how to apply for students visa , In an effort to assist more Kenyans relocate to foreign countries.

Most popular destinations being UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and USA .

The number of potential students seeking for opportunities to study abroad has been increasing year in year out , sadly majority do not have any information on what they are getting into.

If you are a regular tiktok user am certain you can confirm that the platform has become quite popular with videos on how interested students can relocate and get a chance to further their education abroad

Most popular destinations being USA,Germany,Canada and Australia.

It is important that students and parents exercise caution thorough research and seek guidance from reliable sources to avoid falling victim to fraudulent practices and protect their dreams of studying abroad.

How to avoid scams.

Here are a few things to look out for to avoid falling prey to illegitimate University admissions that might be a catalyst to financial losses.

Most Scholarship and financial aid scams often start with a social media post, email, or a letter in the mail.

In most cases, it looks like a personalized invitation, saying you’ve been selected for a particular scholarship . Sometimes, there’s a callback number or details about an in-person workshop at a local hotel. But these calls and events are usually high-pressure sales pitches where they pressure you to pay for their services immediately — or risk losing out on these “special” scholarships or financial aid packages.

Some agencies also claim that they can make you eligible to get financial aid, including grants, loans, work-study programs, and other types of aid. For a processing fee, these companies say they’ll handle all the paperwork for the so-called program

If the university does not have , or has not provided an official email address, that’s a red flag,

There are also a few common phrases that scammers use that you should watch out for while applying for education scholarships,

 ‘’’You can’t get this scholarship anywhere else’’

‘’The scholarship will cost most money’

‘’We will do all the work just pay processing money’’

If you go to a financial aid or scholarship seminar, follow these steps:

  • Don’t pay any money
  • Investigate the institution offering scholarships before you pay anything
  • Do not trust success stories
  • Avoid dealing with anyone who is reluctant to answer questions or give clear details
  • Ensure you have information on the institution refund policy

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