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Redsan storms into studio beats up his producer Sappy

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Dance hall artiste Redsan on Tuesday night stormed Sappy music lab and beat up his producer over un known reasons.

In an audio that has since gone viral, the artiste is heard slapping his producer Sappy as the producer tries to find out why he is being beaten.

Redsan is heard telling his producer who is in the company of Tanzanian artiste Ervixy that he has no respect and then goes on to beat him up.

“Hamna heshima nyinyi, Shut up Ervixy, hamna heshima.” He says

He goes on to ask his producer to stand up and defend himself telling him to man up.

“Nataka usimame wewe ni mwanaume. Simama.” He adds

The irrate producer also dares him to go on after tirelessly trying to inquire what is happening.

“Mbona unanipiga? Nini mbaya Red? Si uniue, niue? The producer says.

The singer overpowers the producer prompting Ervixy to call out to the gate man to try and remove Redsan from the premises.

It is not yet clear what caused the fight but speculations are rife that it could be about his lattest album dubbed “ Baddest” which was launched on Saturday 15th.

In a series of tweets, fans who atended the event expressed their disapointment after the singer failed to perform any song from his latest album.

He allegedly failed to perform them because the songs were not ‘ready.’

This comes after Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage, who performed at the launch along with Jamaica’s Demarco, put event organizers on blast for failing to pay for her accommodation among other things.

Listen to the audio below.


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