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  • Chaos have been rocking Gor Mahia matches with fans taking center stage in violence in and outside the pitch.
  • Gor Mhaia Fans claims they are always  provoked by referees decisions accusing some of them of taking part in betting and match fixing.


Gor Mahia Fans are now blaming match officials as major contributors to the chaos being witnessed in Kogalo clashes with other teams .The recent chaos  between Gor Mahia and Muranga Seal where fans broke seats before causing mayhem in the pitch a move that triggered police to lobby teargas canisters in attempt to restore calm.

Gor Mahia fans were largely blamed for the chaos both in pitch and outside Kasarani Stadium.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News Gor Mahia head fan Jaro Soja says the clashes are being  instigated by match officials who always openly takes sides.

According to Jaro their match with Muranga Seal was one sided officiated to help the opponents win against Gor.

“The sentiments that our team is rowdy and disrespectful must stop we want that respect first from officials then our fans will follow.The officials must do the correct thing by delivering incredible match in the pitch through proper officiating of matches.In our recent game Omalas’ goal was a perfect one but what did the forth official do he flagged it only to be disallowed it.It was this moment that the fans lost patience. The only cure for this is to be truthful to us.” He said.

     Request to Fans

He has however, caution Kogalo fans not to take sides the law into their hands.
“We have told our fans and the message is home we shall no-longer engage in physical  fights but we will make sure that just all is not washed away in a matches Kogalo.” He said.

Meanwhile Kogalo coach raise also raised questions on how their last match was officiated.


November 19, 2023

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