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Rekles naughty hit leaves tongues wagging.. Willy Paul’s Ghasia comment angers fans And other stories


This week Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul dominated headlines for all the wrong reasons. His wife also left him! Willy Paul also shared a post calling out artists but ended up angering fans. Here are this week’s top stories.

  1. Harmonize

Harmonize’s wife Sarah Michelotti has left him days after he revealed he has a two year old daughter.

The Tanzanian model took to social media to reveal that she is walking out of her marriage because of lies and disrespect.

“I’ve been through a lot in this fake relationship. If i put all here everyone will be shocked because you have another face kabisa. You always put a mask on your face. I don’t even have more words to say and speak now … you didn’t even appreciate what i did for you and now is too late … life will teach you the lesson you deserve for what you u did and now i will be focusing on my life … be blessed now u have all the time to be with any womon…and i advise you learn to appreciate and respect what people they do for you,” she wrote.

Last week, the singer made headlines after introducing his first born daughter to his fans.

In the post, Harmonize apologized to the baby for not being part of her life early on.

He also apologized to his wife Sarah for straying in their marriage.

  • Rekles drops Naughty Girl

Ethic’s Rekles yet another move away from Ethic this time round, he went all the way to Nigeria.

The Kalale hit maker released a naughty and fired up collabo with Nigerian artist Headboy Gram.

The video dubbed Naughty Girl has both a desert and street setting with some really naughty bootlicious vixens clad in hot lacy briefs.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio, 24 year old Headboy intimated about his music relationship with Rekles as Cool and easy one.

Headboy says that his producer Motif Di Don linked him up with Rekles and after listening the song Rekles agreed to the collabo.

“I knew, Motif, and he is the one that linked me up with Rekles. So i sent Rekles the song, he listened to it and agreed to have a collabo with me,” said headboy.

  • Willy Paul’s Ghasia comment that angered fans

Controversial singer Willy Paul called out Kenyan artistes, accusing them of being jealous of his work.

In a post shared online, Pozee said Kenyan artistes have a tendency to ignore fellow artistes whenever they release their music, but are quick to post the same artistes on social media when they die.

The singer cited the example of his recent album dubbed Songs of Solomon, arguing that other artistes have not shared his work, because they are jealous.

He further pointed out that jealousy in the Kenyan music industry is what has dragged it behind adding that this fact has made countries like Nigeria, and Tanzania to dominate Kenyan airwaves.

The singer further added that no Kenyan artiste should post his photos when he dies.

“Kenyans artist wakona wivu moja safi.. If you do something nice while alive they ignore lol.. Alafu ukikufa ndio kila mtu anajua kuku post ati mara ooh he was a very talented young man bla bla bla.. Mimi nikikufa ghasia asijaribu kunipost ama nita fufuka nimfinye balls ala!! So i just released a very dope album #songsofsolomonalbum amd they’re all silent coz wako tu na wivu, wivu yenye inafanya tz, nigeria wanatuzidi tu!! Get this, yaani im here to stay wasee!!! Kwa wale few artists wame support the album big up.. Kwa wale wanajifanya hawaoni juu ya wivu pia big up.. Corona iishe tupatane kwa ground ala!!” wrote Willy Paul.

The post however angered a section of his fans who went on to ask if he personally has ever supported any artiste in Kenya.

  • Kenyan comedian Bridget Bema tickles the internet

Nigerian comedian Emmanuela’s long running child comedy reign in Africa might come to an end if this new Kenyan sensation is anything to go by.

Bridgit Bema, was for the better part of Thursday trending on Twitter winning accolades from social media users across Africa for her rib cracking short videos.

Ten year old Bema was thrust in the limelight by Comedian YY who is also her brother.

Her funny clips titled “When you are late for school”, “When You Are In Every Mistake In School” have entertained netizens across Africa since they duly reflect the daily lives of school going children.

YY in a past post revealed how his followers fell in love with his younger sister and described her humour as original and different.

This year, the comedian celebrated the young girl during her 10th birthday by opening her a YouTube Channel.