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  • Rekless has tapped Mejja in his new song, Mapenzi Ya Nairobi.
  • The song delves on the intrigues of Nairobi dating life.
  • Rekless is a former member of gengetone group, Ethic Entertainment.

Former Ethic group member Rekless has tapped high flying gengetone rapper Mejja in his new song, Mapenzi Ya Nairobi.

Song’s Story line

The song’s story line delves on the intrigues of Nairobi dating life with the line ‘No finance No romance’ being brought out clearly.

The song’s producer seems to have infused his genius with the bhangra touch at the beginning which again changed immediately.

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Known for his killer hooks, Rekles kicks off with the chorus on the danceable beat.

His lines are simple and catchy with repetition creating the musicality.

Rekles affirms that he’s done with ‘the treacherous Nairobi dating’.

“Mapenzi ya Nairobi sidai, Mapenzi ya Nairobi sidai” partly goes the chorus.

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Mejja’s Touch

Mejja fondly referred to as ‘Mtoto Wa Khadija’ comes in the first verse with his signature urban lingua, Sheng.

He goes ahead to narrate his ordeal while dating ‘Nairobi Women’ who worship money and fancy things.

According to the Punguza Ego rapper he got it rough while dating the ‘city women’.

“Mapenzi ya Nairobi sidai dem hawezi kupenda kama huna ndai na si gari tu, ukikuja na Demio anakudharau tu cash money, cash money, love language yao cash money” goes part of his verse.

The chorus comes again with Rekles on it.

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This time round, the dread locked singer goes ahead to dispense the second verse.

He reveals how he got his Nairobi girlfriend a job.

However, he’s betrayed as the woman elopes with the boss.

The song’s video is already out with the dramatization matching its concept.

‘Mapenzi Ya Pesa’ is another collaborative piece back to back from their previous hit, Sota.

Is this the unofficial gengetone band? Just thinking out loud.




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