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Relatives Of Victims Of Collapsed Huruma Building Perform Rituals To Find Missing Bodies


collapsed huruma2Relatives of the victims of the collapsed Huruma building have now resorted to performing rituals at the site of the collapsed building hping to find bodies of their loved ones.

Residents of the area say some of the rituals the relatives perform include sacrificing a cock at the site of the collapsed building hoping that they will find their loved ones.

According to the residents, the relatives who majority have come from the countryside say they believe that after the traditional rituals, their loved ones will send them dreams as to where they will find their bodies.

“I live here, and trust me i have seen very many things since this building collapsed. I see people traveling all the way from the countryside. They come with a cock, slaughter it at the site of the collapsed building, they then light a fire and cook the cock at the site. Upon questioning, they say they that after the act, their relatives will send them dreams and tell them where they are,” narrates one of the residents who did not want to be mentioned.

According to the residents most of the people coming over to perform rituals are mostly from the Gisu community.

The residents they fear going out at night as they would hear screams coming from the site, despite the place being vacated.

Some of them have found body parts dead people from the debris the collapsed building that killed over 50 people.