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Religious Leaders Urge Kenyans To Get Covid-19 Vaccines


The Inter-Faith council of Kenya is pleading with Kenyans to turn out in large numbers and get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Speaking to the media the Inter-Faith Council Chairman Mr Anthony Muheria says that religious leaders should encourage members of their congregation to get vaccinated.

He also said that they are working together with the government to ensure that the vaccination process reaches everyone.

“We have been informed that the government and ministry of health wishes and continues to intensify the collaboration so that these vaccines this vaccination process can reach right down to the grass root.  So we ask all religious leaders to seek any opportunity to encourage those people from our religious faith groups to actually take this vaccine,” said Muheria.

Muheria also urged people to let the elderly get vaccine since they are the mostly affected by the disease.

“We have offered many ways of collaboration and we are happy to note that we have been promised a closer collaboration and availability of the vaccines. The vaccinations especially of the elderly because the large part of the people who are dying are elderly is crucial and so we appeal to all people to think about their elderly parents,” he added.

Mr. Muheria thanked the Ministry of health and the government for the new Covid-19 vaccines.


He also says that they will work hard to ensure that a good percentage of Kenyans are vaccinated so that people can go back to their normal life.

“We want to congratulate and thank the Ministry Of Health and the government for the new Covid vaccines that we have and hope that with a good collaboration with the religious leaders not only will we protect our citizens but we will be able to run a program strategically that soon we can have a good percentage of Kenyans vaccinated therefore enjoy a bit of normalcy,” he said.

The Inter-Faith chairman urged religious leaders to use their places of worship to educate that the Covid-19 threat is real.