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Religious Leaders Urged To Use Their Platforms To Fight GBV


A section of activists has urged religious to use their platforms to fight Gender Based Violence.

Nyambura Mundia of Swaiba Institute says that for quite some time, religion has mostly been used to silence women from speaking about GBV.

Mundia who hosted a number of the religious leaders at meeting at the Baraza Media lab says that it is time the religious leaders went beyond the interpretation of religion and helped fight GBV.

“Women are aware of their rights, they are also aware of what the holy books or the scriptures says about their rights,” says Mundia.

“There is a disconnect between the fact religious spaces are led by men and how that affects the interpretation of the scriptures and how that affects women’s lives. But we are also seeing how those spaces are using women groups to silence women” she says.

According to Mundia Swaiba, wants to unpack all the disconnects between the interpretation of religion and the reality of GBV.

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“It is about unpacking the clusters in the places of worship so that we can as the big question why are religious places supposed to be places of liberation and are instead becoming spaces of oppression.”

Najda Khan an activist and former program officer of the National Muslim Council says that it is high time religious leaders changed their way of tackling GBV.

He has further urged them to also make use of the emerging tools on social media to create safe spaces for people who have undergone GBV.

“There is still a lot of work to be done and unfortunately for someone who has been working on this GBV issue for the last 15 plus years, the issues haven’t changed,” she said.


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