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Remember When Donald Trump Attacked WWE’s Mac Mahon Live on TV With The Help Of Stone Cold Steve Austin??( Video)

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stone“Donald Trump’s victory as America’s President Elect, is a prove that you can apply for a job with zero experience in it and still get it. Confidence is all you need,” quoted Millionaire arenas yesterday after Republicans flag courier Donald Trump was announced America’s President elect.

Well, I aint going to do what every media outlet has done. No, I got another agenda regarding the mad man the world chose to be the world’s most powerful man.

First things first. Donald Trump is a business mogul who loves sports. As a matter of fact, he is an ardent fan of Arsenal, just like Baba. Apart from football and having a personal dislike for Arsene Wenger, Donald Trump has also been involved in the infamous WWE and in way held control alongside his long term buddy Vince Mac Mahon.

To prove that indeed the internet doesn’t forget, a video doing rounds on social media has just unleashed Trump’s level of insanity when one day he bet on Lesley against Mac Mahon’s Umaga on the Billionaires battle. Upon realising his contestant was loosing it to Umaga, Trump hired Stone Cold Steve Austin to show up as a referee before sending the whole crowd in a confusion frenzy.

Before he knew it,Mac Mahon was on Stone Cold’s neck like yesterday but Trump saved the day by PERSONALLY attacking Mahon before proceeding to cutting down his hair with the help of Lesley and Stone cold. What a humiliation.

Well, the video just reveled that Trump would just do everything in his capacity to get it right and win.


And oh, if you thought this was his craziest moment, I got nine more. Enjoy;


stone1 stone2 stone3 stone4



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