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Remember the Famous Sarafina?? This is How She Looks Today?? (Pics)


saraWhen growing up in the cassette and video tapes eras, y’all will agree that a South African film dubbed “Sarafina” was an all time 80’s block bluster thanks to the films’ main character, Leleti Khumalo – Sarafina!

Well, only at 15, Sarafina blew the hearts of many. Her boldness was beyond what words could explain. I can bet that whoever wrote the character was never disappointed in anyway whatsoever.


So Sarafina ‘DIED’ yesterday, according to a certain South African blog. Later on, it turned out to be a hoax as Sarafina was confirmed so much alive and kicking.

Since her name and memoirs had been awakened in the minds and hearts of many, I thought it was cool to show you how she looks like now.

The 46-year old actress, is now married and has three kids, the last two being twins. Sadly, Sarafina now suffers from a skin defect called Vitiligo.

Check her out;

sara2 sara3 sara4 sara5 sara6sara7 sara8 sara9AUTHOR: MUKAMI KANYI