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  • The registrar of societies had Deregistered Ezekiel’s Church on 18th August.
  • The court on Tuesday 22th August lifted the closure.
  • Ezekiel through his lawyers claims the decision was in bad faith

The High Court has suspended a decision by the Registrar of Societies to cancel the registration of Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s New Life International Church.

The court allowed the church, which boasts over 10,000 followers to continue to operate, which is a win for the televangelist.

Justice Jairus Ngash ruled that pending the interrogation by the court of the question of whether the process leading to the deregistration of New Life Prayer Center and church was consistent with the law of the land and in particular whether it was legal, rational and procedural fair to the church.

The judge further ruled that the gazette notice of August 18, 2023, remains suspended, pending further directions from the court.

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The suspension comes after Pastor Ezekiel, through his lawyers, moved to the High Court to compel the Attorney General to address the matter within 90 days, from Friday, August 18.

“It’s suspicious. It’s a clear manifestation against Pastor Ezekiel. Notices to close have never been served. No notice to show cause has been issued as provided by the rules as required by the constitution,” Omari alleged.

He added that the move by the Registrar was done in bad faith since it stops him from holding a conference that was scheduled for Saturday, August 19.

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