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Residents Living Along Thika Super Highway Give KENHA Ultimatum To Reconstruct Bumps

Residents living along Thika Super Highway have given the Kenya National Highways Authority 48 hours to reconstruct bumps that they had removed from the highway last year Dember.

The residents led by Juja MP Aspirant Aloise Kinyajui claim that the removal of the bumps has disrupted businesses, transport and also contributed to the rise of insecurity.

Kinyanjui says Sewage area, Gachororo, High Point and St. Paul complain that the removal of the bumps had disrupted businesses, transport and contributed to the rise of insecurity.

“Juja Residents have been suffering for quite some time because KENHA removed bumps from this road. Residents alighting from matatus are forced to walk long distances to the next foot bridge. Some of them get attacked by thugs on the way,” said Kinyanjui.


“There is a woman who gave birth along this stretch yesterday because of lack of footbridge in this area,” he said.

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Eunice Gacheri Kimani an area resident says that their children are forced to walk a long distance to access Gachororo Primary School that is on the other side.

“We do not understand why the put grills on this road. Our children are suffering because they are forced to walk long distances every morning and evening to go to school which is on the other side,” said Gacheri.

KENHA has for quite some time been advocating for the use of footbridges on highways in a bid to minimize road accidents.

The authority has also been on the spot over the construction of footbridges without regards to the proximity of residents or users of the road.