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Residents Protest Destruction Of Road By Overloaded Lorries

A section of Mihango residents are protesting the destruction of a road which is still under construction in the area by overloaded lorries.

The residents claim that the overloaded lorries keep damaging the road hence delaying the completion of the road by the contractor.

Peter Kamau a supervisor working with the construction company doing the road says that they have attempted to get a diversion of the lorries to no success.

“These lorries are so many and they are overloaded. We used to have a diversion but it was closed. That’s why we are saying that we need a weighbridge because if this continues, the road will be completely damaged,” said Kamau.

“This is an estate road because it connects Mihango and Kayole, so lorries should not even use this road. We have complained for three years and nothing has been done,” he said.


Stephen Andere an area resident and business person claims that so far two people, a woman and a child have been killed by the over speeding lorry.

Andere who owns a shop along the road says that businesses have also been hampered by the operations of the lorries.

“I own a shop along this road and these lorries have caused a lot of dust. All the dust goes into the shops and the houses around here,” said Andere.

This is the second year in a row that the residents are complaining about the road.