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Restraunts set to re-open doors after complying with set rules


Health Cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe has announced that restaurants will be re-opened adding that owners will have to comply with the set rules.

CS Mutahi said that the restaurants will be allowed to re-open but the business will not be as usual on the premises.

Kagwe said that the restaurants will only be allowed to operate between 5 am and 4 pm even as the country grapples with coronavirus.

Owners will also have to ensure that all their staff members are tested before the re-opening of their premises.

Facilities will also have to adhere to the 1.5 meters social distancing directive.

The CS further announced that no buffet services will be offered in any restaurant.

“We want to make our own measures based on our own experiences as compared to other countries. The restaurants will operate between 5 am to 4 pm and they must maintain the social distancing that is required. Restaurants will not be allowed to serve buffet while patrons must sanitize and wear face masks. Anybody walking into a restaurant should walk in with a mask, sanitize their hands and if your staff has not been tested you cannot open a restaurant

Mutahi was also quick to point out that the re-opening of the restaurants is not a license to open up drinking joints like clubs and pubs.

“The reopening of restaurants does not mean bars are opened as well, they remain closed. Alcohol shall only be sold to those having meals in a normal manner in a restaurant.This is not a license to start alcohol sales, we have not opened bars,” CS Kagwe said

List of the guidelines

  1. All restaurants shall only operate between 5 am and 4 pm
  2. Restaurants must limit the number of diners to four people for every 10 square meters space
  3. Tables in the dining areas must be spaced 1.5 meters apart in the dining area or seat customers group at 1.5 meters apart
  4. Maintain distance from the back of one chair to the other chair not less than a meter and guests must face each other from a distance of at least one meter.
  5. Alcohol shall only be sold with a meal in the restaurant and only be served to customers waiting to be served a meal, during the meal, or 30 minutes after the meal has ended.
  6. Temporary discontinue self-service of ready to eat foods such as salad bars or buffets
  7. Customer to have their meals delivered individually to the dining table by appointed restaurant stewards