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Reuben Kigame Dismisses Kenya Kwanza And Azimio La Umoja Alliances


Aspiring President Reuben Kigame has dismissed the two political movements in the country, Kenya Kwanza and Azimio La Umoja saying that they will never deliver what the Kenyans want.

Kigame said that both Azimio la Umoja associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga and the Kenya Kwanza for Deputy President Dr. William Ruto will not help Kenyans to achieve what the country wants.

He stated that the Politicians who are forming such alliances have been there before and are the reason why Kenya is where it is currently.

“We had a movement like OKA which is no more, we had Amani trying to stand up by itself. What we want are people of character but we don’t want things like Kenya Kwanza or Azimio La Umoja and any other Political Alliance that is created and broken at will. Kenyans needs to be very wise,” Kigame stated.

Kigame is set to vie for presidency under the The Eagles National Alliance.

Addressing the Press in Kisumu on Sunday after attending a Sunday Church Service at Christ is the Answer Ministry Church along Nairobi- Kisumu Highway, Kigame has instead urged Kenyans to elect those with leadership qualities.


“I hope for once, we can be looking for an alliance that will be going beyond the elections as we will be having an alliance which will last more than ten years and beyond,” Kigame says.

He warns Kenyans to be on the look-out not to be cheated by the Formation of “Fake Political Alliances”, adding that Kenyans needs to look underneath to see what is behind in any political arrangement in the country ahead of the Polls slated for August this year.   

He is set to unveil his political alliance before the August

He says he will come up with another form of Political Alliance ahead of the August 9 Polls.