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Revealed why Huddah Range Rover has been clamped 7 times


huddah rangeTalk of the town Talk of fame, the Boss Lady Huddah has it all. Recently after getting tipsy, the seemly drunk Socialite staggered into his pink “baby” claiming there is a ghost competitor who is paying city council women to harass her.

She also claimed that landing her role in Mike Ezu movie “Jekwu” that was shot in Kenya has been also the cause of all these harassment.

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She said that role was to go to her rival who is alleged to silivate a lot for Nigerian Men.

In the past 1 month, her Pink Range Rover has been clamped 7 times and this is now raising eyebrows. So she promised us her own kanjo kingdom to expose the rogue officers. The investigative piece is due next month.