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Revelers robbed during Chris Martin’s Big Deal concert


Reggae lovers braved t he rains on Saturday night to watch Jamaican reggae and dancehall star Chris Martin during the Big Deal concert that went down at the Impala grounds.

The event which was fully booked attracted all sorts of revelers including those who had a hidden agenda for attending the concert.

A little bird whispered to us, about how the audience lost valuables as a result of pick pockets.

It was allegedly also hard to take videos of the stunning performance because of phone snatchers.

Earlier a section of Netizens had poked fan online arguing that theft spices up any reggae concert.

“Reggae without pick pockets is not reggae. Lazima tuibiwe.” Wrote one Nick Cesc

Despite the incidences however, the concert moved on without drama as the dancehall star took to the stage at around 3 a.m

After the concert, Martin took to social media to thank all those who braved the rain to watch him perform.

“Nairobi! I am humbled! The love you showed me tonight, I’m that rain…if I spent all the money/valuables I possess I could not pay u for the love u gave me tonight!!! Thank you!!!! I love you all very much!” He wrote on Twitter