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Revenue Commission Weighs In On Senate, National Assembly Stalemate


The Commission For Revenue Allocation has weighed in into the current stalemate between the National Assembly and the Senate on the division of revenue proposal.

CRA Commissioner Lineth Oyugi has urged the warring counties not to use corruption as a way of denying counties funds.

Speaking during the public forum on division of revenue MS Oyugi has criticized the treasury for using a vague definition of national interests to eat into the shareable interests.

“The national debt is also eating into the shareable revenue where the national Treasury has abused its power to borrow resulting in unsustainable debt levels which are eating counties revenue,” stated Oyugi.

She has however urged citizens to also elect leaders in the counties who are able to explain the usage of the county funds.

The National Assembly and the Senate are currently on a stalemate over the division of Revenue Proposal.

A meeting called yesterday to unlock the deadlock ended in disarray after both teams maintained hard-line positions.

The senate backs the counties call for more money while the assembly backs the Treasury and the national government.

Economist David Ndii who was also in the same forum warned that has said that lack of funds in counties is likely to kill devolution.

“Revenue raised nationally shall be shared equitably between national and county government through the division of  revenue process.’’ Said Ndii.