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A Kenyan Reverend has warned Kenyan men against marrying more than one wife.

According to Reverend Tony Kiamah, marrying more than one wife is akin to going into a shop and buying trouble and taking it home.

He says that regardless of the amount the amount of many a home has, when the husband dies, things will turn chaotic.

“Wacheni niwaambie ndugu zangu, this rubbish of marrying more than one wife, I am telling you the truth, you marry more than one wife, that is the same as walking into a shop and buying trouble and bringing it home cz I have seen every time a home that has one wife when the husband dies things go south, shetani anatawala, tosheka na huyo bibi yako mmoja ndugu becasuse in your absence ni shida umeleta kwa hiyo nyumba,” he stated.

“I am telling you the truth, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, It will never be enough for more than one wife because they are not created to share, vumilia na huyo mmoja,”

He says that any second wife regardless of how she looks like, spells trouble every time.

“Everytme you get as second one nis shida umejiletea packaged in what form short high, fat, thin, whatever, more than one wife ni shida. Tosheka na huyo mmoja ndugu.”

The reverend’s sentiments come against a backdrop of top media personalities coming out and expressing their acceptance of polygamy.

Citizen TV’s Senior Reporter Stephen Letoo has openly talked about being polygamous saying that his Maasai culture allows it.


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