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Rich Mavoko makes massive comeback after one year Hiatus

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Tanzanian singer Richard Martin popularly known as Rich Mavoko has made his re-entry into the music industry.

The singer disappeared from the limelight almost a year ago after parting ways with Diamond’s Wasafi Records a few months prior.

After his disappearance from social media and the industry fans were left wondering where he was and rumor started that he was struggling financially.

In a recent post on social media, Mavoko is gearing up to the release of his Minitape on August 8, 2020.

The launch of the Minitape will go down at the Hyatt-Kilimanjaro in Dar Es Salaam.

“I MISSED ALL MY PEOPLE. Just keep the date on your mind. #minitaperichmavoko.

Mashabiki zangu mmekua mkinipa ushirikiano mpaka sasa na ninajua mnaendelea kufanya ivyo,mziki ni kitu ninachokipenda na nina ishi nao.Najua sio kila mtu atakaeweza kufika pale @hyatt_kilimanjaro ivyo basi mtaweza kuangalia tukio lote katka tv yenu pendwa @mambotvswahili .” he said

He further asked his fans for support saying that music is his passion and he would like to make his comeback strong.

“Bado nahitaji ushirikiano wenu wa dhati. LOVE AND SUPPORT. (My Fans, you have supported me till now, I know that I have your support in future too. Music is my passion and I live for it.I know all my fans can’t make it to Hyatt and therefore you all wil be able to watch ny whole event live on Mambo tv – Swahili. I still need your support. cc @nileshbhatttz1 @mambotvswahili @billioneakid#minitaperichmavoko” he added

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