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  • Rihanna, Baby RZA and boyfriend A$ap Rocky were recently spotted in a Beverly Hills park.
  • A$ap Rocky has a criminal case for an alleged shooting of his former ally A$ap relli.
  • The only person missing from their younger family was their child, Riot.

Rihanna and rapper boyfriend A$ap Rocky and their son, RZA  Athelston were recently spotted having a walk at the Beverly Hills park.

The Lift Me Up singer wore faded un-finished denim pants, a stripped red jacket from her Fenty line and cap with her long hair flowing to her backside.

she completed her look with sporty kicks.

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A$ap Rocky also wore faded denim pants, a stripped navy-blue jacket with a matching cap.

The rapper hid his eyes with colored sunglasses.

Baby RZA donned a light pink sweater suit with a pacifier tucked on his lips.

Rihanna was pushing the baby carrier as the little RZA seemed to enjoy the ride with A$ap walking beside.

Rihanna, A$ap Rocky and little RZA being wheeled PHOTO Courtesy


Criminal Case

This was the first time in recent days the celebrity couple is being spotted together after the commencement of A$ap’s criminal case.

A$ap is being accused of shooting his former ally A$ap Relli.

The incident happened when A$ap Rocky and Rihanna were set to welcome their second son, Riot Rose.

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Currently, A$ap is facing two counts of assault.

If found found guilty, he might end up cooling porridge for more than eight years.

Notably missing from the young family was their second son, Riot Rose.

Ever since Rihanna shared his first photo, he’s yet to be seen.

The family’s romantic walk at the park seemed therapeautic  as they enjoyed ice creams seemingly unpertubed by Rocky’s pending judgement.

His former friend, A$ap Relli recently testified against him alleging that Rocky wanted him dead.

The courtroom had seen a cctv video showing how the scuffle ensued leading to the shooting.


November 15, 2023

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