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Ringtone Apoko Shocks Many After He Calls It Quits In Music

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Ringtone-2(2)So after being involved in a series of controversies,seems former Gospel artiste,Ringtone Apoko cannot stand against guilt prompting him to hang his music career boots abruptly.

In case you still in the dark,all am trying to put across is that “Pamela ” hit maker has quit music if whatever he posted on his Instagram handle is anything to go by.

Ringtone announced yesterday on Instagram that he has decided to quit music after a long successful journey that elevated him from nothing to a recognized and wealthy artiste.

However,Ringtone did not share the main reason as to why he has made the abrupt decision that has left many of his fans shocked and disappointed.

Its been a long journey of success from nothing to the top. I have enjoyed every moment of my career and now finally I have decided to quit the music. Thank you all those who supported me. Thank you for the moments,” he captioned.

The move has raised more questions than answers baring in mind the artiste has in recent times had serious altercations with MCSK,with the latter threatening to sue him on hate speech.

Was he paid to quit or his life threatened??Keep it at Ghetto Radio as we dig into this.



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