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Ringtone attacked for threatening fans

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By Steve Osaka

Gospel Singer Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone is not new to online trolls.

The latest happened in the backdrop of the Star’s alleged rape allegations from socialite Bridget Achieng in which the ‘Talanta’ Singer dropped a new song’Backslide’ featuring another gospel Singer Martha Mwaipaja.

Ringtone also disclosed having spent a cool million for the project using broken English on his timeline.

He further went ahead and posted a video on his Instagram account warning his fans to drive the song to ‘one million’ views failure to which he would quit the ministry and venture into agriculture in his home village.

“Am here na ninataka kuwa warn, nimekuja apa na sitaki mchezo na nyinyi watu yangu,mafans namafrendi.. Hii wimbo nimetoa inaitwa ‘Backskide’ na Martha Mwaipaja isipogonga one million views within one week, mambo ya kuimba nimewacha.. Nitaenda kulima matoke na mahindi na chinsaga na manawaa yote hiyo”Was part of the statement from the Singer.

Netizens were quick to hit back at the Singer for reprimanding them, they even questioned his faith in God and wondered why he was busy from chasing views.

“Ukiacha sasa utaenda kupanda Ng’ombe na ndizi kama Embarambamba Kule kisii ???”wrote Joseotienoowino.”

The video will remain as long as 5 yrs to come and believe me not 1 million views never. Humility is the pillar which you are lacking”wrote Ishmael_Mogere.

“Kua na baze kwanza ndio upayuke ?ukijua vile hua unabore ?na io kizungu yako yenye haikuangi?go to hell for all i care?” wrote _g.r.f.f.o.

“Mkuu english ilibackslide kwako ???”wrote khachina-bonface.

However, there were those that sided with the Singer and downplayed the negative vibe that was being poured to him.

“Ringtone ?????” wrote holy-the-kid.”

Nashare kwa sana follow me To God bless@ringtoneapoko”wrote djfrankas-kenya.

“Chairman kama Chairman??????” -uncle-Oliver.

This is not the first time for the Singer to issue an ultimatum, a while back he threatened God to bless him with a brand new BMW i 8,a dream that never transpired within his given timeline.


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