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Ringtone, Bahati Publicly Fight During Mr. Seed’s Album Launch


Self-proclaimed president of Gospel musicians Ringtone and musician Bahati yesterday exchanged words with each other.

The two got angry and exchanged words while they attended the launch of Mr. Seed’s Black Child album yesterday.

While Ringtone was being welcomed on stage, Bahati grabbed the microphone from Dk Kwenye Beat and bragged about having the best gospel song in Kenya.

Bahati also said that he has contributed more cash that Ringtone during the contribution to support Mr Seed.

“Na ajue ni mimi niko na Gospel song kubwa saa hii Kenya. “Na pia hio ihesabiwe kama ame toa zaidi yangu,” Bahati said.

The ‘mtoto wa mama’ hit maker also claimed that Ringtone should respect him while they meet because he does not respect him on social media.

“Mtu hawezi kuni tukana social media na ani dharau hapa. Hapa ni pesa si maneno atoe,” added Bahati.

Ringtone on the other hand said that Bahti only has followers but does not have cash as he claims he has.


“Naona huyu kijana ana jipiga piga kifua…sikia nikuambie tuliwa achia followers. Followers ni nyinyi pesa ni sisi.

Musician Mr. Seed intervened the two and reminded them they should stop fighting during his album launch.

“Mkumbuke event ni yangu please,” Seed said.

A happy Mr. Seed took to his social media and thanked everyone who attended his even and made sure it was a success.

“Words can’t explain how great full I am.. am so emotional right now 😭.. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS ALBUM LAUNCH A SUCCESS.. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH,” Wrote Mr. Seed.

Bahati also revealed during the even that he does not have any beef with Mr Seed and that the two are in good terms.

Photo: Musician Ringtone and Bahati exchanging words during Mr. Seed’s album launch.