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Ringtone now praying for Ethic and Sailors gang over sexual songs

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Controversial singer Ringtone has has angered online users after posting a video of himself praying for Gengetone artistes Ethic and Sailors gang.

The singer called out the groups for always singing about sex and went on to pray for their siblings.

In the controversial post, Ringtone shammed the new kids on the block arguing that what they sing should be done to their sisters.

“Naombea Ethic wanajifanya wao ndio wanajua kupiga rungu sana, naomba madada zao wapigwe marungu kabisa. Naombea Sailors, naombea dada zao na watu wao, walambwez na wanyonywez ndio waskie,” he said

The video did not sit well with social media users who called him out for being immature.

The singer has on many occasions been called out for using controversy to seek relevance in a field that has with time forgotten him.

Ringtone also attacks Willy Paul over his latest jam ‘Chuchuma’.

Watch the video below:


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