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Ringtone receives backlash over remarks on beautiful women failing to get married


By Steve Osaka

Controversial Kenyan Gospel artiste Alex Apoko popularly referred to as Ringtone has set the internet ablaze with his rant on beautiful women failing to get marriage proposals.

Ringtone further criticized the ladies claiming that those with average looks end up as ideal marriage partners.

“Nataka kuongelesha wasichana wote ambao ni sura nzuri,kama wewe ni mrembo wanaume wanakuongelesha wengi from morning to evening please omba Mungu sana hautaolewa,kwa sababu wanaume hawataki wasichana sura nzuri.Wale wasichana ambao ni sura mbaya shukuru Mungu… Hakuna mtu sura mbaya, wale wasichana ambao hawatongozwi ovyo ovyo mna bahati utatongozwa na wanaume watano kwa mwaka mmoja na mmoja atakuwa bwana yako.Please kama wewe uko na sura nzuri hautaolewa pole unahitaji yesu,kama wewe uko na sura mbaya utaolewa kwa sababu wanaume handsome wanatafuta wasichana ambao hawana sura mzuri sana.God Bless you”Said Ringtone.

The Star who is currently riding high with his latest song “Permission’ that he has featured Shiro Wa Gp  has attracted love and hate in equal measure for his sentiments that he posted on his Instagram page.

“Wewe deal na msichana wako sura mbaya Sisi tunataka wale warembo???” wrote willy _nex.

“Nipee waist size yako nikushonee kitenge???Chairlady wa upuzi” Wrote endoqeennduta.

“Sasa hii udaku umetoa wapi”wrote Kathomidan.” Yesu ni bwana”Wrote stivekaf, “Sisi sote tuliumbwa kwa mfano wa Mungu?” was a comment from Jeycie_Gabriel.

The Gospel Star seems to have perfected the art of courting controversy as he has over the years found himself in the wrong.

At the height of Diamond’s separation to Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan, Ringtone offered her a Range Rover trying to warm his heart to her, Zari would later turn down the offer.

However Ringtone’s antics continued when he carried a placard to one of the universities with qualities of the kind of woman he wanted to marry.

The man of God is yet to settle down and we’re probably yet to feed more drama from the Star.