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Ringtone Roasted For Claiming Mulamwah’s Savings Are His Weekly Expenditure

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Controversial gospel Singer Ringtone has faced a backlash from netizens after claiming that Comedian Mulamwah’s savings are his weekly expenditure.

Ringtone mocked Mulamwah’s Ksh. 700,000 claiming that what is normal to him seems like a miracle to Mulamwah.

“Comedian Mulamwa Showing off Ksh 700,000/,” Posted Ringtone in his signature broken English.

“This guy is show off what am spending in 1 week am sorry and happy for him?its good to be child of God your normal life is miracle to devils children ???,” he said.

Mulamwah yesterday flaunted wads of cash on his IG page claiming that they were his savings from his comedy gig.

In his post, the comedian had advised other creatives to try and spend their cash wisely and shun promiscuity.

Ringtone’s comment section started filling up with fans calling him a lost sheep for not acknowledging the Comedian’s emphasis on the saving culture and leading a moral lifestyle.

“Una spend in a week kupeana ball ukiziruka,” fired one user.

“Even if he is showing off he said let’s save money not spend 100k in a day which you are saying,” shot a second user.

Others took offense for his broken English advising him to polish it by investing in books with the money he claims he has in plenty.

 “Hio pesa uko nayo si utoe kamia ununue English aid aki ??” was another comment fired to Ringtone.


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