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  • Ringtone alleges that he was thrown out of his Karen residence
  • He spent the weekend behind bars
  • He has refuted land grabbing allegations

The self proclaimed chairman of gospel artists, Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone has been thrown out of his Karen residence.

According to the fagia singer he has not only been evicted from his home but also accused of damaging private property.

“Nimetolewa kwa nyumba Karen mahali nimekuwa nikiishi zaidi ya miaka kumi…nimeshtakiwa nimevunja mali yangu ati nimefanya malicious damage ya mali yangu” he stated

A teary Ringtone disclosed that foreign nationals from Southern Sudan were behind his woes and the Kenyan government was yet to take action

Spent Weekend Behind Bars

Ringtone further revealed that he spent the weekend behind bars after being arrested last Friday.

He maintained that prior to his arrest, a perception had been created to paint him as having trespassed on someone’s property.

Upon his release, Ringtone was yet to go back since he had been threatened of dire consequences.

He further revealed that his Karen property has tenants who have been caught up in the fracas.

Downplays Land Grabbing Allegations

Ringtone further refuted claims of land grabbing stating that he acquired the property lawfully and at no given time has he ever been to court over it.

He added that there are people filled with hatred over his success and are determined to see his downfall.

“Watu wanapenda kuonea watu, hii nchi iko na maaskari,hii nchi iko na C.I.D,hii nchi iko na court hakuna mtu ameenda amesema nimechukua kitu yake,sini watu wako tu na wivu…Vitu zote ambazo niko nazo kwa maisha yangu nimezipata halali” He explained partly

A few days ago, Ringtone chided his fellow gospel singer, Guardian Angel for living in Karen’s slum,Kuwinda now the tables have turned on him huh!.

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