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Ringtone’s baby Mama Takes gospel singer Weezdom to court

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Controversial gospel singer Weezdom has landed in trouble once again after a recent post made on his Instagram account.

In the past few weeks, Weezdom has been doing an expose on singer Ringtone’s life and in one post he even shared how Ringtone has neglected his child.

Weezdom uploaded the baby’s photo and called out Ringtone for neglecting his child and baby mama Angel Nyambura.

Days later, Angel has taken Weezdom to court for subjecting her child to cyber bullying.

“I have gone off social media because i don’t want the limelight and then i see weezdom sharing my baby on social media. I called him and he was very rude.he told me that he had the right to put whatever he likes on instagram and that he knows big people in the government.” She told a local publication.

Weezdom had claimed that Ringtone had hired a homeless man to pretend the father of the said child.

“Leo nataka kudeal na issue moja about huyu mwanaume amejawa na umama @ringtoneapoko kwa Gospel industry.Juu kila siku Anatry kutrend na watu hapa social media na Ile Uchafu akonayo naona anafaa kuokoka tena. This Wicked Ringtone hired a Chokora to impersonate himself as the father of Ringtone’s Son which really pained the girl and the Family And I have proof coz Ringtone even tried to talk to me nimtafutie mtu mwenye anaeza pretend to be the father of the kid.”  He said


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