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Riruta MCA forced To  Self-Quarantine after he refused


Members of the county assembly Nairobi who have travelled back to the country following recent trips abroad have been asked to self-quarantine and thereafter test for Covid 19.

Riruta Satelite MCA James Kariuki Kiriba has allegedly been forced to self- quarantine after jetting back to the country from Germany. Multiple sources say he initially refused to self Quarantine.

Speaking at the assembly minority whip Peter Imwatok says self-quarantine is not optional for anybody who travelled abroad where the disease has manifested.

‘‘We have agreed that they should proceed for self-quarantine then test for Covid 19 before mingling with other  Kenyans particularly other honourable members… those refusing we are noting down and the authority will come for you.’’ He said.

The same was echoed by Health Committee Chairperson Peter Warutere who cautioned the Nairobi MCAs to strictly follow quarantine guidelines issued by the ministry of health.

‘‘The said member who tried that joke is quarantined and today is the 12th day ..we want to urge other members to obey guidelines…We can not run away from what happened to DG of Kilifi . We will not allow other members to be infected on account of one member ’’ Warutere said.