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Risper Faith Exposes Tanasha Donna For Failing To Pay For Her plastic Surgery


Socialite Risper Faith has exposed Musician Tanasha Donna for allegedly failing to pay for her cosmetic surgery otherwise known as plastic surgery.

According to the socialite Tanasha was supposed to act as a brand influencer and promote the brand of the company that did the surgery but she failed and instead went missing.

 “The surgery went well and she got her perfect dram body…..later on after she was healed she was supposed to post on her Instagram and say who did it and how it went….they even hired a team of professional videographers to film everything…2 weeks after surgery she went mia,” wrote Risper Faith.

She also said that Tanasha failed to attend her aftercare and was charged Ksh. 850,000 because she failed to follow the terms they agreed upon.

The mother of one also expressed her disappointment towards Tanasha for failing to pay the amount even after she introduced her to the doctors.


“Mark you she didn’t even finish her after care which is risky, so they decided to charge her 850k since she didn’t post anything. Upto this day she never paid anything and I feel bad for the company because I am the one who introduced her and promised them she’s a nice girl and she would post,” added Risper.

Risper revealed that when Tanasha approached her she did not hesitate to think twice since she would fit perfectly as the company’s influencer.

“Tanasha approached me and asked me how my surgery experience was and where I did mine. The company was looking for an influencer and when she approached me I just thought about that offer and told her she would fit perfectly and would not have to pay anything,” Risper said.

In August, Tanasha showed off her new body curves which left her fans shocked with how she had changed.

Risper Faith underwent surgery after giving birth to her son which according to her, the baby fats made her insecure of her body.