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Robert Alai Caught Pants Down Lying To Kenyans About Nairobi Floods (Pics)


alai broRobert Alai is that guy.(Ule msee). He is the type who gives his honest opinion on anything trending including deaths. Its only just the other day when he was brutall attacked by Kenyans on Twitter for his controversial  tweets regarding Mama Lucy’s death.

Alai isnt as bad as many think. He is the same guy who feeds Kenyans with first hand information about corrupt leaders and the dirty games played by our politicians behind our ignorant backs. Most of what Alai says is true…and he is hated for that.

However,si you know “Pwagu hupata Pwaguzi??? And someone just caught Alai pants down cheating or rather exaggerating  about the floody situation in Nairobi over the past week.

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South C and Nairobi West are one of the most flood-affected suburbs every rainy season. However a photo Alai shared alerting the situation in Nairobi West just landed him in hot soup as it turned out to be a photo addressing the floody situation in Texas,Houston USA.

A twitter user by the name @benjahmins stripped Alai naked for allegedly lying to Kenyans with a photo. It turns out that Robert Alai usually doesn’t confirm facts before posting them. That brands him  incompetent of being the blogger we’ve always trusted over and over.

Check out,compare and contrast the photos;alai (1) alai (2) alai (3)