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Robert Burale finally responds to allegations he conned Nini Wacera


Robert Burale has finally broken his silence over allegations that he conned actress Nini Wacera.

In a past interview, Wacera alleged that a certain ‘Robert’ had conned her Kes 250K back when she wanted to buy her first car.

In an interview with Jalang’o, Burale insisted that he has never been a car dealer in his life.

“I am a believer in respecting people’s absence by saying things that they cannot defend themselves. But all I will say is, somethings will be said and people will pick it as if they know the real story. But first and foremost not going deep into it, I have never been a car dealer. God is my witness, I don’t even have the ins and outs of car dealing. Even the day I wanted to get a Car I told you. So the truth of the matter is, did I make mistakes in my past? Yes, I did, great mistakes…” said Burale

He further added that he knows Nini and they were actually friends back in the day but have not met for close to 13 years.

“I haven’t seen her for like 12/13 years…I cannot deny that i knew her, she was my friend and it disappointed me when all people were concentrating on some quarters, ati ooh, she wanted to have sex with me (I think she said something like that). Let’s keep the main thing the main thing. We didn’t have sex…but again I wasn’t born again then. It is us who knows what happened, there is a lot I would say but just because I have been on the receiving end of people, saying things in your absence, that you cannot defend Yourself or maybe explain. It will also be foolish of me, also try say somethings and somebody is not here to defend themselves. One thing you have to understand and here me, I don’t live in Qatar, I live in Nairobi and if somebody wants to look for me, where am I hiding?” he added