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  • City pastor Burale is known to be a fashion critic and marketing strategist.
  • Robert Burale speaks about his fashion and style.
  • Burale’s style extends beyond the pulpit.

“I do not do fashion I do style; fashion is temporary while style is permanent. My style is classy and assured. I’m 40 and I believe I will still be a stylish old man.” Robert said.

Robert Burale is an actor, event host, image consultant, marketing strategist, and an inspirational motivational speaker.
He owns the Robert Burale School of Leadership and the Reality Bold Company in Kenya.

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He is well known to be a fashion critic and a marketing strategist.

Robert Burale speaks about his fashion

Robert Burale chilling on Denim. PHOTO Courtesy

Pastor Robert Burale’s wardrobe is a reflection of his unique fashion statement.

He showcases a perfect blend of style and spirituality.
Being the sixth best African motivational speaker, Robert confidently steps out in well-tailored new suits.

Beyond his polished suits, Pastor Robert Burale’s fashion flair extends to trendy casuals, as he confidently rocks jeans, sportswear, shorts, and open shoes with equal finesse.

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He has become a great inspiration to men because of how effortlessly he turns up, when attending work engagements, hosting events, or simply going about his daily activities.

Balancing Fashion and Ministry

Burale’s style extends beyond the pulpit.
He is echoed as the most handsome Kenyan pastor.

He is said to be driving women crazy with his looks and is always the topic of discussion in various social media platforms.
He says that gone are the days when men of God were confined in baggy suits and convention attire.
Burale has become one of Kenya’s best-dressed male personalities, defying stereotypes and setting a new standard for pastors in the world of fashion.

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