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Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin Dada and Osama Bin Laden Favourite Football clubs revealed!!!

Robert Mugabe Is A Strong Chelsea Supporter!!!

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By Wyclif Musau (Kapedo Junee)

Robert Mugabe- Chelsea FC

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe

You may be wondering why Chelsea has been toping over the years?

Well, get it right here, it has been reported that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, infamously dubbed as ‘The Butcher of Harare’ is a massive football fan supporting English giants Chelsea and Barcelona in La Liga

The South African dictator has been in power over Zimbabwe since 1987

The 93-year-old once said, ‘When i watch soccer, i do not want anyone to disturb me, I followed you and watched some of your games, but I am a Chelsea and Barcelona supporter and i always want them to score’

He added that, “Even my wife knows where to sit because while they are scoring in the field I will also be scoring at home, kicking everything in front of me.”

Osama Bin Laden- Arsenal FC

Al- Qaeda’s Osama Bin Laden

Osama, who led one of the world’s most- feared terrorist group, Al Qaeda, was a big fan of the gunners

It has been reported that Arsenal fans once made a chant about him “Osama, woah-oh, Osama, woah-woah-woah-woah, he’s hiding in Kabul, he loves the Arsenal.”

Spending time at his family home in London, the Saudi Arabia-born tyrant often frequented Highbury – even buying his kids replica kits.

Though Arsenal officials were not happy about it and ended up banning Osama Bin Laden from accessing the Emirates stadium

Colonel Gaddafi

Libya’s Muamar Gaddafi

It has been reported that after the demise of the Libyan leader, a Liverpool FC mug was found amongst his personal belongings.

His son, Al-Saadi, even went on to attempt to become a professional football star, before becoming a director at Juventus, where he invested heavily.

At one point, the younger Gaddafi had reportedly considered buying a stake in the Reds.

Idi Amin Dada- Hayes FC

Uganda’s Idi Amin Dada

Ugandan dictator Amin Dada was a strong supporter of Hayes FC, a missionary club that is situated in Hayes, Great London

Amin was responsible for 500,000 deaths under his brutal governance

He spent 15 years in the British army, where he found out all about Hayes FC – now known as Hayes after a 2007 merger.


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