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Rogue youths in Nyalenda raid butcheries attack butchers

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Rogue Youths from Nyalenda ward in Kisumu county have raided a number of butchery shops within Manyatta B over claims that the shop owners have been selling meat from stolen cows.

The youths who were armed with machete broke into the said shops in Konyango Market beating up the owners and taking valuable goods from the shops.

From the butchery shops they took with them the meat, money ,the weighing machine and even taking away with them shop owners.

Jackline Atieno who is a relative to one of the victims of the raid told Ghetto Radio via phone that the rogue youths are following a long chain of butchers who are accused of selling meat from stolen cows.


“One of the those youths alleged that they are following a long chain of people who have been stealing their cows, killing them and supplying meat to the spotted butcheries. So he told me that today they are looking for those alleged suspects,” says Jackline.

She added that they have reported the matter to the police and that the police assured them to follow up the matter.

“We reported the matter and the police assured us that they are taking up the matter. They called one of them and he confirmed that they are at Kasawino still raiding shops,” added Jackline.

In the past two months had risen as many houses were being broken into and cattle being stolen.

Early this month local did a raid and arrested seven suspects after the members of the public had killed three suspects.

Francis Aluko had last month warned youths to get what they can do for a living other than stealing.



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