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A sombre mood engulfed the Langata cemetery  on Sunday 1st January as promising street rapper Ronald Wairioko Mario commonly known as Ronnie Lethal finally got to lay his wife to rest.

Encountered Delays.

Ronnie and his family had turned up at the Mbagathi Hospital mortuary on the eve of New Year-Saturday 31st,to pick the body of their beloved for her final journey but ended up pushing the event ahead by a day due to un avoidable circumstances.

“Nimekam kuchukua body ya wife wangu but tumekuwa na delay tu kiasi tuko msee anaitwa Jared apo ye ndio amehold signatory ingekua ametusainia paper flani ndio body iweze kurealisiwa niweze kurest in peace my wife,Mama Mario” Stated Ronnie

Ronnie added that his wife’s demise hit him hard but he has since come to terms with it and is grateful for his son,Mario.

“Siwezi toa God makosa ishahappen imehappen ameniachia son 7 years anaitwa Mario nashkuru” added Ronnie

Lost Battle To Anaemia and Menengitis.

Ronnie disclosed that his wife, Esther succumbed due to suffering from both anaemia and menengitis.She battled the conditions for close to five months before taking her final bow.

“Alipata anaemia akarudi akashikwa na menengitis ambapo imekuwa ikimsumbua for almost four to five months hivi but imefika a day kwa Mungu mimi imekubalika” continued Ronnie.

Long Stay At The Morgue

Ronnie’s wife’s body had stayed at the mortuary for quite some time as the former was in bad shape, completely immersed in drugs and needed help.

Ronnie Lethal, Pastor and family by the grave

It took the intervention of Ghetto Radio’s Managing Director Julius Owino also known as Majimaji and Philip Ogolla-a humanitarian activist who linked Ronnie with the Chairman of Kenyan Rehabilitation Center’s, Boniface Ndirangu for Ronnie’s transformation.

“Nimekaa rehab Diani pande za coast huko,nimeweza kutoboa 52 days nikafeel ni poa na time poa mimi imefika nikam nizike mamaa kwa sababu amekuwa embalment akipewa hizo sindano za preservatives na ako katika hali poa nawish mambo yote itaenda poa” He added further.

Met Wife While Locked Up.

Ronnie met his departed wife while he was locked up by law enforcers,his wife was also serving time as a jailbird.The latter eked out a living selling drugs, they fell in love and started living as man and wife.

“In 2015 nilipatana mamaa ata yeye alikuwaga amebambwaga juu tulijuania tukiwa katika hizo hizo blanda za street” He explained.

With his wife now buried, Ronnie has set his sights on becoming a better person.Speaking to Ghetto Radio’s News Team,he said he was just getting started and now has the whole world before him.

By Steve Osaka.


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