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Rooney’s Knot With Coleen is Still Tight

Rooney proudly shows off his wedding ring

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Ex-Manchester united forward Wayne Rooney with his wife Coleen and kids










Former England forward Wayne Rooney Waza (the white pelle) proudly showed off his wedding ring as he arrived for Everton training on Wednesday.

The 31 year old was recently charged with drink-driving in the early hours of Friday morning after a 10-hour binge in Cheshire.

Sources have confirmed that he was stopped by traffic police officers driving a Volks Wagen Beetle belonging to Laura Simpson, a 29-year-old lady who he had met at the Bubble Rooms.

Rooney was recently charged with drink driving








Rooney’s  pregnant wife was away on holiday in Dubai with his three young sons at that time.

The latest reports say that Coleen is going to give her husband ‘one last chance’ after his law-breaking shame and Laura Simpson’s explosive revelations.

Rooney proudly shows off his wedding ring a few minutes before he enters Everton training ground

Though Coleen appears to be denying the case after posting on Twitter to suggest the ‘friends’  being quoted either don’t exist or she’s not aware of them at all.

She added; “Would love to meet all these so called friends who know me so well”



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