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Roysambu Constituents Benefit From Free Financial Training


More than 50 youth and women groups in Roysambu constituency benefitted from free financial training organized by Uwezo and Youth Fund.

The event was organized by Roysamby Constituency MP Ndirangu Waihenya who reiterated the importance of groups putting their monies in saccos, cooperative groups and bank accounts.

“We are here today to teach these groups in Roysambu the importance of putting monies in savings accounts. We are discouraging them from saving their money under the pillow and mattresses,” said Waihenya.

“We have also trained them how to access money from Uwezo and Youth funds. The government does not loan individuals, it only loans self-help groups that are legally registered,” he said.

Roysambu is apparently the leading constituency in paying back debts loaned to these groups by these government agencies.

Approximately Ksh. 18 Million has been loaned to the constituents since the year started.

“Uwezo Fund is currently loaning groups Ksh. 70,000. We started with Ksh. 50,000, went to Ksh.  70,000 to Ksh. 500,000 and now we are at Ksh. 700,000,” said Waihenya.

The MP also took the opportunity at the training to reward the self help groups that have been performing well.

More than 20 groups were rewarded.


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